Continue Doing Things Even If You Aren’t Good At It

three--rings on Tumblr shared about her conversation with archeologists when she was 15 years old. They asked her "getting to know you" questions. She answered, "No, I don't play any sports. I do theater, I'm in choir, I play the violin and piano, I used to take art classes." Amazed by the range of her … Continue reading Continue Doing Things Even If You Aren’t Good At It

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Check Your Privilege

I read a post from a man named Asim Qureshi, CEO of Jibble (an employee time clock app): "Several years ago, I encourage a friend to take more risks in his career. He responded, "I'm supporting my parents, sibling, my wife and kids. I mess up, we're out in the street." I didn't encourage him … Continue reading Check Your Privilege

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What Kids Can Teach Us

[I am aware that I write about kids like most of the time but, honestly, there is just so much to read and learn from them (or who we once were) that we should not forget as adults as we grow older.] Austin Kleon (author of Steal Like An Artist) brings his kid to a … Continue reading What Kids Can Teach Us

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Work is Play

After writing a series of articles for my school publication, I came to the realization that the whole time I was writing those articles, I felt like I was playing. The word 'play' came first in my mind to describe how I felt but afterwards, I did not think that work can become play or … Continue reading Work is Play

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Gap Year Stories: September—Fourth Month

Wow. I'm in fourth month already?? Time seems incredibly fast. But if I looked back in what I did the past few months through my logbook, it seemed like it was not. The days are awfully long.This month was rough but today, on its last day, I am just this happy gal looking back on … Continue reading Gap Year Stories: September—Fourth Month

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Words Do Hurt. Literally.

What if words do hurt, not only emotionally, but physically? What if verbal abuse turns into physical abuse? Will people be careful with their words knowing that their words cause pain literally? These are my questions while I was writing Words Do Hurt, a short story of mine that is now published on Wattpad (you … Continue reading Words Do Hurt. Literally.

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Published My First Short Story!

I published a short story in Wattpad, an online platform where anyone can write and read stories. It is a short story about an inmate name Waldo who spent fifteen years in prison and decided to take his own life. My target audience for the story is Filipinos that's why it is in Filipino-English language. … Continue reading Published My First Short Story!

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Why I Write

I just started publishing short stories on Wattpad (there are currently two!) and in my bio I wrote, "I'm Claire. I write short stories because I like doing so. They may be in purpose of informing or anything (which is true, yes). However, my main purpose is I love doing it just for the sake … Continue reading Why I Write

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Week of novelty

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So I just played some features of Instagram story and I had fun creating short "blogs" in each picture. What an amazing morning that was. Also, what I did not mention in the photos is how I am absolutely just grateful that I get to control what I do in my life like I can … Continue reading Week of novelty

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